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    With unprecedented challenges following the Camp Fire, every local business should be represented in our business directory and engaging with the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce as a recovery partner. As the premiere location for business listings, events, advocacy, and outreach, your Chamber of Commerce exists to advocate on your behalf – the business owner. A dues schedule to fit your needs is available for your review. Click here.


    The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of business men and women sharing local pride, professional expertise and commitment to growth. Together, we promote the civic and commercial progress of our community.


    It doesn’t matter what your industry is or what business you are in--support is key. The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce partners with regional economic and workforce organizations to foster your success: SCORE, SBA, 3Core, AFWD, and more.


    The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of a unified partnership in addressing business issues that affect our diverse membership. We are dedicated to identifying issues that matter to our members so we can effectively advocate for local business interests at the local, state, and federal levels.


    Business referrals arrive in a variety of ways. Our visitor center, website, telephone, emails and social media platforms are inundated with requests for information. Aside from our comprehensive publications, we provide that information out of our business directory, and calendar. As the community hub for activity announcements, our calendar shares upcoming events that benefit your organization to a public that wants to know. Visibility within the community, and to those visiting our mountain home, is essential to a successful business. Networking? Check out our events calendar and join us at our next ribbon cutting or mixer!


    The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce is a smart business investment. Our 501(c)6 tax status could also provide a business tax deduction. Membership to the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your community, all businesses on the Ridge, and your commitment to a prosperous community.

  • *If you are interested in advertising and marketing opportunities, please contact Paradise Ridge Chamber  of Commerce Executive Director, Monica Nolan.

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