• About the Chamber

  • The Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce is an organization of business people sharing local pride, professional expertise and a commitment to growth. Together, we promote the civic and commercial progress of our community.

  • Established in 1919 and incorporated in 1941, the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce (PRCoC) upholds a legacy of building community. PRCoC is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) business organization acting on behalf of its member businesses and financed through member dues investment and other proprietary programs.

  •     Annual Report 2021

    Like our member businesses, we understand that dedication partnered with agility, vision and collaboration are essential to the vitality of our economy. With the work of the Chamber supporting every business on the Ridge, our members actively cultivate commerce and community so that their customers, clients, and patients may take advantage of a variety of products, services, and activities in their hometown.

    We create and champion essential commercial infrastructure, advocacy, and quality of life. We promote shopping local to keep tax dollars circulating on the Ridge to support LOCAL roads, schools, parks, progress and publish media that supports, promotes, and attracts commerce and community.

    Click here for a recap of another extraordinary year.

  • History Highlights

    • Lobbied in 1935 with PG&E for more reliable electric service.
    • Placed stop signs for community safety and prioritized road improvements.
    • Worked with Pacific Bell to designate calls from Paradise and to Chico and Oroville as “local” and not “long distance,” resulting in lower bills for residents.
    • Took a lead role in assuring fire protection, receiving bids for hose and a fire truck in 1935 and working with the county fire warden to build a modern fire house.
    • Purchased 20 acres of olive orchard in 1941 dedicated for some future community use --eventually acreage for the recreation district’s swimming pool and the Paradise Unified School District.
    • Lead a community-wide tuberculosis x-ray drive in 1953, combining it with an informal regional census.
    • Provided a place for residents to obtain services from the county health department, DMV and unemployment benefits until those agencies staffed offices on the Ridge.
    • Assumed management of a community celebration highlighting local farm products; the event is now Johnny Appleseed Days.
    • Coordinated the design and construction of large signs welcoming visitors to Paradise, including the iconic “May You Find Paradise to Be All its Name Implies” version.
    • Surveyed community members in 1973 to ascertain community sentiment about possible incorporation.
    • Promoted Paradise through creation and distribution of community maps, visitor guides and coordination with media sources.
    • Lobbied continuously for a “shortcut” route to Chico, rather than the circuitous Neal Road route. The Skyway opened for traffic in 1950.