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    Achieve Charter School is a K-5 public school committed to quality standards-based instruction through individual learning opportunities. Our character-building small school environment empowers students to be positive contributors to society.

    Established in 2005, Achieve Charter School of Paradise Inc. (Achieve) is authorized by the Paradise Unified School District as an independent charter school, directly funded by the State of California. Achieve is organized as a non-profit, 501c3 public benefit corporation with an independent board of directors legally and fiscally responsible for the organization. We believe learning best occurs with personalized learning, a school-wide sense of community, emphasis on character building, a challenging learning environment with high expectations, research based instructional strategies taught by highly qualified and trained teachers, high attendance rates and increased number of instructional minutes.

    Charter schools are public schools that operate independently of local school districts in exchange for achieving specific goals set forth in their educational charter. Developers of charter schools, usually teachers, parents, or community members, are given the flexibility to decide their own educational program and how to organize and manage the school.

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    • Independent charter school
    • Quality standards
    • Individual learning opportunities
    • Character building
    • Research based instructional strategies


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