• Title

  • Relationship Manager - Lending

    3CORE, Inc.
    Job Description
    Under the general direction of the Executive Director, the incumbent serves as the liaison
    between the organization and outside groups, financial partners, and businesses. The RM
    will be responsible for business development activities including marketing and business
    loan programs sponsored by 3CORE, Inc.

    $5,250 - $5,833 per month depending on qualifications. Designated salary ranges
    provide a minimum and maximum for specific job classifications and are based upon full
    time employment; adjustments will be made to the stated salary if employment is less
    than full time. Individuals may exceed the designated salary range based on cost of
    living or other adjustments besides merit increases. This is an Exempt position.

    • Serve as the 3CORE lead staff as it relates to community-oriented business expansion
    and retention programs.
    • Manage networking with high value local service providers including banks, realtors,
    accountants, attorneys, consultants and other individuals for prospective loan
    • Serve as the liaison between local businesses and various business-related needs.
    Maintain constant communication with a network of individuals and organizations
    through personal contact, electronic communication and provision of a variety of
    marketing media.
    • Develop and present loan program information in either written, one-on-one, or in a
    group format to interested borrowers or prospective “gatekeepers”; including area
    banks, realtors, accountants, attorneys, and other individuals for prospective loan
    referrals who may refer qualified borrowers.
    • As may be appropriate, establish a visitation program, either in person or through a
    Lender Forum type event, with lenders in the tri-county region.
    • Alongside Loan Department staff, work to support the Partner Lending Referral
    • The Relationship Manager may be assigned some or all the following duties:
    - Review loan applications and analyze credit information to make a general
    assessment of customer’s creditworthiness;
    - Conduct in-depth review of balance sheet and profit and loss statements
    presented by applicants for loans or lines of credit and uses computer
    spreadsheet software for credit and cash flow evaluation;
    - Analyze and recommend appropriate collateral based on risk and
    liquidation value;
    - Assess liquidity, quality of management, market position, and overall
    business climate to estimate future profitability of the business; and
    - Recommend credit approval based on program guidelines and generally-
    accepted underwriting standards.
    • Assist the Executive Director and management team on organizational-wide
    • Extensive travel throughout the 3CORE service area, including but not limited to
    Butte, Tehama, and Glenn Counties – may require travel outside of the District on a
    case-by-case basis.
    • Attend conferences, seminars, and training sessions regarding 3CORE loan activities
    and economic development programs.

    • Seek out opportunities that will increase the revenue base for the organization.
    • Identify opportunities where the organization can increase its operating margins either
    through the elimination of duplicative processes or by utilizing software management
    systems that will allow the organization to achieve an increase in high value
    productive time.
    • Be computer and internet proficient in a PC environment with Microsoft Word,
    Excel, Outlook and related software.
    • Maintain a team approach and high level of productivity needed to manage assigned
    tasks and relationships successfully and in compliance with applicable rules and
    • Independently identify and solve problems.
    • Complete required tasks with limited staff and resources.
    • Work harmoniously under the constraint of deadlines and sustained follow through to
    achieve desired results.
    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.

    • Minimum five (5) years of related experience in either public or private lending,
    business management, financial management, economic or community development.
    Related experience can be substituted.
    • Knowledge and understanding of:
    - The principles and practices of business development, planning and development
    and economic development;
    - Local, State and Federal programs available to small business borrowers; and
    - Small business development and management techniques.

    The statements contained herein reflect general details as necessary to describe the
    principal functions of the job, the level of knowledge, and skill typically required and
    scope of responsibility, but should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work
    requirements. Individuals may perform other duties as assigned, including work on
    special projects, assist all loan division staff, work in other functional areas to cover
    absences, or relief to equalize peak work periods, or to otherwise balance the workload.
    Contact Information
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